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Castles in Scotland

Scotland is well known for its rich history which dates back hundreds of years and which has featured numerous wars with England and which has created heroes such as Robert the Bruce and inspired artists such as Sir Walter Scott.

The many castles which are scattered around Scotland are a large part of this history and they are also one of the major tourist attractions in the country.  There are a wide range of different types of castles from city fortresses to countryside icons.  Every castle has its own story to tell and while learning about the history you can also enjoy some of the fantastic architecture and stunning surroundings which many castles are found in.

There are castles all over the country but the highest concentration is in the North East where the castle trail has a total of 17 castles which you can visit including the stunning Dunotter Castle ruins which have a dynamic location on a cliff top on the Aberdeenshire coast.  Then there is also the historic Fyvie Castle which is over 800 years old and is home to an excellent collection of arms and paintings.

The most visited castle in Scotland is found in the city centre of Edinburgh, perched on an elevated location it is also the most visited paid attraction in Scotland.  The castle has a strong link with many historical events such as the uprising during Mary Queen of Scots reign.  It is also home to the former Scottish crown jewels and the infamous stone of destiny. Another city centre castle that is well worth a visit is the historic Stirling Castle which like Edinburgh is on an elevated location and offers a number of different rooms to explore.

A couple of the most picturesque castles in the country are in the Highlands region of Scotland.  Eilean Donan is perhaps the most iconic castle in the country and has been used in several Hollywood movies.  It is situated on a small island not far from Skye and is surrounded by Highland scenery.  Another popular castle in this region is Urquhart Castle which overlooks the world famous Loch Ness.  The castle is now mostly in ruins after being destroyed during the Jacobite rebellions but the view are spectacular.

Everywhere you go in Scotland there is a castle to explore and if you want a more unique experience of a castle then why not stay in one of the many Castle Hotels in Scotland.  These hotels are castles which have been converted into usually luxurious accommodation.  One of the most famous castle hotels is at Inverlochy Castle which is rated as one of the top hotels in Europe and offers five star suites in breathtaking surroundings.

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