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Samhuinn festival

Royal Mile EH11 

Samhuinn festival

The Samhuinn Fire Festival, hosted by Beltane Fire Society, is a celebration of the Celtic New Year, marking the end of summer and the beginning of winter. Traditionally, it was believed that this was the night of the dead - a time for the spirits of the departed to pay one last visit to their relatives before departing for the other-world forever. The festival begins with an exciting, vibrant torchlit procession from the Castle Esplanade down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh's Old Town, filled with costumed performers, drumming and puppets, culminating in a dramatic battle between the seasons.


Event Date:

31st October 2014


Admission Prices:

Adult: FREE / Child: FREE / Concession: FREE


Contact Details:

Address: Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH11

Tel: +44 (0) 131 473 2000

Website: Click Here

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