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Day in Edinburgh with Kids

Edinburgh has quite a few options for those looking for child friendly activities in the city, the castle is a favorite spot and the museum of Scotland is also very child friendly. The itinerary we have come up with involves attractions that are very interactive and offer a real hands on experience which is ideal for keeping kids entertained and also equally as fun for the supervising adults.


  • Museum of Childhood (Free)
  • Dynamic Earth (£11.50 / £7.50)
  • Camera Obscura (£10.95 / £7.95)
  • Scottish Parliament (Free)
  • Total Cost: £22.45 (Adult) / £15.45 (Child)


    Day 1: Camera Obsura / Museum of Childhood / Dynamic Earth

    The day starts in the shadow of Edinburgh castle at the north end of the Royal Mile where you will find Camera Obscura.  There are Camera Obscura’s all over the world and their main highlight is the unique pinhole camera which is the centre of the Camera Obscura show.  The show is found on the top level of the building and it offers both a fantastic (and unique) panoramic view of Edinburgh and a some general information on tops sights in Edinburgh.

    After the show you then descend down through the levels where you will find a variety of different exhibits from holographic sweets to face morphing booths (ever thoughout about how you would look as a monkey?!).  A large number of the exhibits are hands on and can be enjoyed equally between kids and adults.  One of the best is perhaps on the ground floor where there is a mirror maze and a vortex tunnel (try and make it through without holding onto the barrier).

    If you are looking for a lunch idea on the Royal Mile then there are numerous cafes that you will encounter.  The filling station is a pretty safe bet and it is only a few minutes walk from the Museum of Childhood or try the Hula Juice Bar which is opposite Greyfriers Bobby.

    The next stop is around half way down the Royal Mile and it offers free admission.  The Museum of Childhood is one of the citys many museums and it has multiple floors which are crammed full with childhood related exhibits.  This includes a massive doll collection and many games from the past such as snakes and ladders and blow football. The children will appreciate the many toys and the adults will probably remember many of them from their own childhood days (snakes and ladders anyone?) 

    The final stop today is Dynamic Earth which is conveniently located at the end of the Royal Mile next door to the Scottish Parliament.  This is one of the top science centres in Scotland and inside there are a number of hands on sections with 4D and 3D shows, a time machine and exploring a Tropical rainforest among the highlights.

    After you have visited Dynamic Earth depending on the weather you could venture up Arthurs Seat which is only a few hundred meters away or relax in Holyrood Park .  If it is a sunny day there is usually an ice cream truck not far away if you feel like treating the kids (or yourself).