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Glasgow Must See Attractions

There are a huge amount of attractions throughout Glasgow with a particular focus on the arts (many of Scotlands top artists were born in the city). This itinerary has some of the most popular attractions in the city and it is over three days which will make sure you see the main highlights if you only have a limited amount of time in the city.


  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery
  • Hunterian Museum
  • Burrell Collection
  • Scotish Football Museum (£6)
  • Glasgow Cathedral
  • St Mungos Museum
  • Glasgow School of Art (£8.75)

    Total Cost: £14.75 (Adult)


    Day 1: Kelvingrove Art Gallery / Hunterian Museum

    Today both attractions are situated in the West End of Glasgow and involve two of the best cultural attractions in the city. The Kelvingrove is a couple of miles outside the city Centre, you can walk to it but that will take around 40 minutes from Queen Street Station. The quickest way to get there is to use the subway, hop on the subway at Buchanan St Station and the alight at Kelvinhall. It is then only a 10 minute walk along Dumbarton road to the museum.

    At Kelvingrove you will find a huge collection of art and exhibits which are housed in one of Glasgow's many fine architectural buildings. The main highlights inside include a full size spitfire and an excellent exhibit on the Glasgow boys who consisted of some of the best and most famous artists from Glasgow.

    The next stop is the Hunterian which is actually not far from Kelvingrove, walk south down Argle St back towards the city and you will see a sign on your right for the Hunterian, walk through the arch and you should get there in under ten minutes.

    The Hunterian is the oldest public museum in Scotland and it has a fantastic collection of objects in display. These include everything from Roman artifacts to largest collection of works by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

    Day 2: Scottish Football Museum / Burrell Collection

    The second day of our itinerary is based in the south of Glasgow a few miles outside the city centre. The first stop of the day is the Scottish Football Museum which is situated at Hampden Park the national football teams stadium. To get the museum it is only a 10 minute drive, just take the A8 south of the city and then follow the A728 to Hampden. If you want to take public transport then you can get a train from Central Station to Mt Florida and then its around a 10 minute walk (go along Bolton Dr then turn right on Cathcart Rd then take the next right on Carmunnock Rd).

    The football museum has a great collection of football memorabilia which help tell the story of Scottish football. There are also constantly changing exhibitions, past examples include the World of Football which celebrated the growth of football around the world and Goalscores which looked at the worlds best and Scotland's best strikers.

    The next attraction is a few miles away to the west of the museum, if you have a car then you can get there in around 10 minutes (drive along the B768 and then take a left onto Pollockshaws and then a right onto Pollok Ave). If you are traveling by public transport then take the train from Newton to Shawlands from there it is only a 15 minute walk (go along Ellangown Rd then take a right on Haggs Rd and a left when you see the no entry road signs)

    The Burrell Collection is one of the was a great collection of objects with over 8,000 items in total in what is one of the greatest collections ever amassed by a single person. There is a variety of items on display with stone sculptures from Egypt, 19th Century French paintings and some fantastic stained glass among the many highlights.

    Day 3: Glasgow School of Art / Glasgow Cathedral / St Mungos Museum

    The Final day of the itinerary focuses on three fantastic building in Glasgow which are all located around the city centre. The Glasgow School of Art is only a ten minute walk from Queen Street (simply follow W Regent St and then take a right onto Douglas St just after the Blythsquare Hotel, the School of Art will be the 5th street on the left).

    The Glasgow School of Art was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh back in 1909 and it is a fantastic architectural building. The only way to view it (if you are not an art student there) is to book one of the daily tours. The tour takes just over and hour and you will get to see some fantastic architectural sights and get a brief history of the building and Charles Rennies Mackintosh.

    The next stop is in the east side of Glasgow, it is again possible to walk there, it would take around 20 minutes (just walk along Renfrew St heading east then take a left onto N Hanover St and a right which will take you onto St Mungo Ave). If you do wish to travel by public transport then take the train from Helensburgh Central to High Street Station. Then walk 5 minutes north up High St and the museum will be on your right.

    The St Mungo Museum is quite unique in that it combines the main religious from around the world into a single collection. There are items which represent the different religions as well as an interesting display on the different interpretations on life and death.

    The final stop for today is the Glasgow Cathedral which is a couple of minutes walk from the museum. The cathedral is another architectural marvel and one of the top cathedrals in Scotland, there are tall stained glass windows and fine gothic design inside to admire and enjoy.