The Orkney Islands consist of 70 separate islands, the largest island is called the mainland is the most visited of the islands. The majority of the island is filled with rich farmland and heather covered moorland. On the island you can discover what life was like 5,000 years at Skara Brae's prehistoric village or view the remains of a former German fleet at Scapa Flow.

Things to do

Enjoy a casual day of Horse Riding around the island taking in the best of the scenery or for the more adventurous try some Rock Climbing on the challenging cliff faces or the island.

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Whats On

The annual Orkney Folk Festival is a great chance to mingle with some of the friendly locals on the island and to enjoy some fantastic traditional music perhaps with a few drams.

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Things to see

Orkney has much to see and do for a small island, the main attraction on the Island is Skara Bare the prehistoric village that was only uncovered by a storm in 1850. There is also the scuttled German fleet at Scapa Flow and the magnificent Italian Chapel to enjoy.

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Where to stay

The main area of Orkney to stay is Kirkwall and there you will find some comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation and some three star hotels. There is also self catering options including the four star Broad Street Gardens Apartments.

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