St Andrews

St Andrews is best known as a premier golfing destination and although only a small town it has a total of 7 golf courses including the world famous Old Course. The town is one of the most visited areas in Fife and its historical buildings and cobbled streets make it's a fantastic place to walk around.

The town does not have a railway station but it is well connected by bus to the rest of Scotland with direct services to Glasgow and Edinburgh. It also has an excellent selection of luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants.

Things to do

Golf is of course the main activity in the area with a total of 7 courses in the town with the Old Course being the most popular and visited. Away from golf you can try some off road adventure at Fyfeoffroad.

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Whats On

St Andrews might be a small town but there are a few events which take place over the year, pay a visit to the St Andrews Games at Station Park or enjoy Golf Week on some of the fantastic local courses.

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Things to see

St Andrews is most famous for golf and you can choose from 7 courses to play but you should also take the time to explore the historical side of the town such as the Cathedral and St Andrews Castle.

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Where to stay

The town has a good selection of luxury hotel accommodation as many affluent golfers are drawn to stay here. Try the five star Old Course Hotel or the Fairmont both of which offer golf views and luxury guest rooms.

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